Alternative Service Breaks (ASB)

Alternative Service Break (ASB) trips provide a meaningful way for students and staff to engage in a group oriented, immersion community service experience and to learn about service issues such as affordable housing, early childhood education, disaster relief, hunger and homelessness, and sustainable development. Key tenants of an ASB trip include meaningful community service, intentional group reflection, and personal leadership development.

Trips are managed predominately by ASB, our student-run organization in partnership with Civic Engagement that seeks to provide affordable and meaningful service trips to Tech students during school breaks. Each break, we send groups of 12-18 students, with two student leaders, and two faculty/staff advisors to cities over the globe.

Fall Break 2019 

  • Selma, AL: Sustainable Solutions to Human Security Issues (7 Elements, Inc.)

  • Cherokee, NC: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Preservation (U.S. National Parks Service / Environmental)

  • Asheville, NC: Affordable Housing (Habitat for Humanity)


If you would like more information about our upcoming trips or details on how to become a member of the ASB organization, please contact Civic Engagement, or visit ASB's OrgSync portal or social media pages, or email the ASB student organization.

Civic Engagement: or 404-894-3458


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