About Us

about us imageGeorgia Tech students take great pride in the Institute’s motto, “Progress and Service.” Opportunities exist across the Institute for students to engage with the strategic plan’s charge “to improve the human condition in Georgia, the United States, and around the globe.” These opportunities exist on a spectrum of service and students are encouraged to match their interests and availability to the community need as appropriate along this spectrum.

For example, there is a spectrum of the type of service activities available as projects range from direct service to awareness / advocacy to philanthropy. The frequency of service experiences includes options such as one-day service projects, on-going commitments (e.g. weekly or monthly), immersion trips, and semester-long courses with academic based community service embedded in the curriculum. The types of issues addressed also vary as does the location of the projects available. Civic engagement at Georgia Tech engages with communities on a local, national, and global scale. The Office Student Engagement looks forward to helping you find your best fit along this service spectrum.